World Bible School

World Bible School’s mission: To share the Good News of Jesus with the world using everyday Christians and interactive Bible studies.

WBS is one of the Christian brotherhood’s most proven, cost-effective means of spreading the Gospel to a lost world! God uses WBS by linking a worldwide network of Christians, missionaries and churches to teach and reach truth-seekers, bringing them into God’s family. Everyday Christians of all ages, equipped with WBS Bible lessons, help teach those who want to study. They teach with printed lessons using postal mail like spiritual pen-pals. They teach with email and Web-based lessons as online friends. They provide the lessons to the students, encourage them, guide them to respond to the Gospel, and help put them in touch with loving Christians near them.
Trenton Crossing is heavily invested in the WBS program. Thousands of people are reached each year with the Good News because of their work. Our work is focused in two main areas:

Global Outreach

Most of our foreign students are in the African country of Malawi.

US Outreach

Students enrolled in these study courses come from nearly every state in the U.S.

Join the Gospel Revolution

If you are interested in working in our WBS program or signing up for a correspondence course, fill out our form.



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