Meeting the needs–physical and spiritual–of citizens with disabilities in Clarksville-Montgomery County, Tennessee.


Any citizen of Montgomery County, Tennessee (citizen), whose disability to navigate steps prevents or compromises entrance to or exit from his/her home may request a ramp. Such requests may be made directly to the RAMPS for CHRIST Ministry or indirectly via referral. Ramp recipients are responsible for the cost of the required lumber. 

The RAMPS for CHRIST Ministry does the following free of charge:

  1. 1
    Takes measurements of site where ramp is to be installed
  2. 2
    Calculates quantity of lumber required and cost thereof
  3. 3
    Informs citizen of lumber cost up front
  4. 4
    Discusses method of payment with citizen
  5. 5
    At citizen’s request, suggests potential sources of funding
  6. 6
    Prepares contract and gets citizen’s signature
  7. 7
    Picks up lumber for citizen
  8. 8
    Prepares invoice for cost of lumber and submits to citizen and/or funding agency
  9. 9
    Prefabricates ramp at RAMPS shop
  10. 10
    Transports ramp to citizen’s site
  11. 11
    Installs ramp
  12. 12
    At citizen’s request, removes ramp if/when no longer needed

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