Ministry 937

Serving families of children with special needs


Our mission is to care for children with special needs during the Sunday morning worship time. During this time, the children will be taught about God and His love for them through lessons designed just for them. In addition, this ministry allows parents to participate in a time of worship without worrying about their children.

In Mark 9:37, Jesus commanded His followers to welcome the children, and in doing so, they were welcoming His Father, God.
We recognize that all children are special and unique children of God. Some children have special needs which require specialized care. Many parents of children with special needs have difficulty finding care for their children for even the briefest amounts of time.

Our mission is to provide skilled care for these children, ages 5 to 18, teaching them about God while their parents are able to be a part of a worship assembly just a few steps away.


This ministry is carried out through the generosity of time donated by volunteers. A lead team trains and oversees the volunteers. The lead team consists of parents of children with special needs, special education teachers, Applied Behavior Therapists, and Occupational Therapists.
At least one lead team member is always present with the other volunteers. All volunteers have been trained in skills needed for personal care, teaching strategies, and behavioral interventions that may be needed to care for children with a wide variety of needs. Additionally, they have all signed a confidentiality agreement, understanding the value of keeping information about each child in confidence.
The number of volunteers varies, depending on the specific needs of the children each week.
Bible lessons teaching about God and His love are presented in a multi-sensory way, working to teach each of the children in a way they understand.


When you bring your child for the first time, we will have a brief form for you to complete so that we can get to know your child quickly. Your child will be welcomed into the classroom, introduced to the volunteers and other children, and helped to feel comfortable. You are welcome to stay with your child as long as you wish. When you are ready, you will be given a pager, and will be shown to the Worship Center just a few feet away. While we will strive to keep your child clean, content, and happy, if your child becomes inconsolable, we will page you to return to your child. At the end of the worship service, after you have visited for a few minutes, please return the pager and pick up your child. If you ever have questions, please ask!

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